Records Management Policy

Updated as of 25 January 2017


The Office of the Vice President for Development, as a general rule, keeps electronic copies of all documents which it receives and sends via official channels.

As much as possible, hard copies are discarded (i.e., shred and sent for recycling) especially documents whose repository may be found elsewhere.

Sensitive documents are submitted to the appropriate offices which include, among others:


  •     1. Office of the President (OP)
  •     2. Office of the Vice President for Legal Affairs (OVPLA)
  •     3. Office of the Secretary of the University and the Board of Regents (OSU)
  •     4. Corresponding Constituent Universities (CUs)


Detailed architectural and engineering designs (DAED) are kept by ODPI.

While Memoranda of Agreement (MOAs) are being processed, the OVPD keeps all drafts for tracking purposes. As soon as the legal document is finalized, all drafts are properly disposed. Only the electronic version of the finalized version is kept. All original MOAs are submitted to OSU.

Hard copies of documents pertinent to active projects are kept until the project reaches full implementation. Full implementation usually happens when the project has been transferred to the most appropriate unit.

Minor documents, documents coming from different offices, voluminous reports are scanned and uploaded to the OVPD File Management System for archiving.

Several hard copies of the UP Development Principles and Design Guidelines and of the Locational Guidelines for Cellular Base Stations within UP are kept for proper distribution to appropriate units.